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Project Description Owner Last Change
binary-types.git Read and write binary records... 10 years ago
blog.git 7 years ago
cl-graph.git Common Lisp library for manipu... 10 years ago
cl-gtk2.git Common Lisp binding for Gtk+ 10 years ago
cl-inotify.git Common Lisp interface to the... 9 years ago
cl-lua-ffi.git FFI bindings to the Lua API. 10 years ago
cl-mock.git Mocking generic functions. 9 years ago
counted-feature-tests.git Numeric prefix for CL standard... 11 years ago
crypto-install.git Creating a base setup for... 9 years ago
existenz.git 10 years ago
fiveam.git Common Lisp regression testing... 9 years ago
jscl.git A Lisp-to-Javascript compiler... 10 years ago
puri-unicode.git Puri with UTF-8 support 10 years ago
rentiernetz-overlay.git Portage overlay with custom... 9 years ago
sbcl.git Mirror of Steel Bank Common... 10 years ago
trees.git A library for binary trees... 10 years ago